Looking for a company can help to ship some stuff from your home, the Unites States, to Vietnam?


Vietlink Global, headquarter in California, has been a professional and trusted shipping company for more than 10 years. We understand that the customers’ convenience is the primary concern when you make decision to pick a shipping partner.

Our system is built to serve various customers’ scenarios. For example, you are living now in Ho Chi Minh city and your family or friends in the US ask how to send a parcel to you on a special occasion. What would you do?

Or you really love some items offered on merchants’ sites, but they unfortunately do not support shipping out of the US. What would you do?

The answer is very simple, let Vietlink Global do it!

How do we work? 

    Ø Your family can drop off the parcel at any convenient UPS station. Or you instruct the merchant shipping items to our warehouse in California. 

    Ø When we receive the parcel/ items in Westminster, California, we will ship it to Vietnam within only 5 – 7 working days.

You can make payment as you receive or in advance.

One more important advantage is that we can beat any shipping price offered by giant companies such as DHL or Fedex. 

Our offer is only from $2.50/lb for Pick up at Saigon Station service.

What you have to do? 

        1.  Register a customer code at www.vietlinkglobal.com

        2.  Create a shipment 

        3.  Make payment

        4.  Receive/ pick up your shipment

Please contact our 24/7 Customer Service for more information:

* In US: 1-888-901-9019

* In Vietnam: 1-800-556880

* Email: cs@vietlinkglobal.net

* Online message: www.vietlinkglobal.com

* Facebook: facebook.com/vietlinkglobal