Global Freight Forwarding Services:

Vietlink Global is a leading Vietnamese company providing freight forwarding globally especially from our based locations, United States and Vietnam to all over the world. Our services not only include air freight, but also ocean freight and ground transportation.

U.S. Approved IAC and Authorized Export Filing Representative:

Vietlink Global is among the first Vietnamese American companies obtaining Indirect Air Carrier (IAC) Certificate issued by the United States Department of Homeland Security. The IAC License allows us to have direct freight contract with any airlines to transport air cargo from U.S. airports to any destinations around the world. In addition, Vietlink Global is one of a few IACs that are authorized by the U.S. Department of Commerce to handle export information filing. With this capability, we can help our customers to accomplish export procedure correctly and comply with the Federal Export Regulations.

Licensed Postal and Express Carrier in Vietnam:

In Vietnam, Vietlink Global is one of a few licensed companies for national postal and express services while we are proudly among the only 12 carriers in the county licensed by the Department of Postal Services for international postal services. With these two licenses, we can apparently establish and provide domestic and International shipping services in 63 cities and provinces of Vietnam. In addition, the International postal carrier license enables Vietlink Global Vietnam to corporate with any postal and express mail carries from all over the world to receive import goods and deliver export goods from Vietnam.

Licensed Customs Service Agent:

Vietlink Global is licensed as an authorized Customs Service Agent by Vietnam Department of Customs and allowed to handle directly export-import procedure filling for individual customers or enterprise in Viet Nam. The integrated technology system and connection with the e-customs system of the Department of Customs help the customs declaration, the export-import procedures are accomplished easily and save time for our customers.

Direct Clearance of Import and Export Express Carrier in Vietnam:

Vietlink Global is proud to be one of nine international shipping companies licensed and open customs clearance in cargo handling and customs clearance along with FedEx, UPS, DHL, TNT, etc. directly with the technology support system, the customs declaration and completion of export-import procedures is our strength. Vietlink Global can exploit and clear import and export goods for customers from any country through express carrier in Vietnam.

Equipped with a TSA Scanner:

Vietlink Global is the unique Vietnamese company in the United States and one of the very few modern scanners equipped to meet TSA standards. Smith Detection's HI-SCAN 100100T-2is is worth hundreds of thousands of dollars with Dual View and can scan boxes up to 40 x 40 inches, which will help us easy to check every package fast and safely without opening the box.

Insurance and Compensation Goods:

Vietlink Global always insures customer shipments in line with the policies of major shipping companies such as FedEx, UPS, etc. Customers can buy insurance for high value merchandise with low cost. When a loss or damage occur, we will make compensation quickly and comply with our commitment.

Fastest Freight Forwarding:

Vietlink Global always proud to be the best Vietnamese freight forwarding company, fast delivery with an average one flight per day to Vietnam. Shipping to Saigon within 2 to 3 days and even faster than Fedex. In Vietnam, we strictly work with only the fastest and most reliable shipping partners to ship to the provinces in the fastest time and avoid damaged or lost items.

Professional Service 24 hours a day:

With the network connecting branches from the US to Vietnam with the latest technology together with more than 30 well-trained staffs, Vietlink Global is the only shipping company in Vietnam with professional service 24 hours a day to answer any customer inquiries at any time.

Competitive Price:

Variety of services to meet the different demands of customers is our strength. At Vietlink Global, you can choose Expedite Fast Forward every day or Saver service to save the money when sending low value goods and need not rush. Priority service within 48 hours for customers who need to quickly transfer documents or goods lightweight and high value. For regular customers, we always have attractive discount policy along with many other benefits. In Viet Nam, Vietlink Global's direct customs clearance service can help you save a lot of money on customs clearance and delivery in Vietnam.

Easy Payment:

Vietlink Global always has many options for payment method. Customers can pay by cash, check, money order, credit card, wire transfer. Especially we accept payment in Vietnam to help business customers cannot pay in the US. In addition, customers can pay via telephone or via the Internet 24 hours a day.

Served in 50 US States and 63 Provinces of Vietnam:

From anywhere in the United States, Vietlink Global can help you transfer documents, goods and cars in the United States or to Vietnam and other countries in the fastest time. In Vietnam, Vietlink Global also serves customers from all over the country by ground, train, ocean, or air.

Our History of Establishment

Having been named as The First Cargo to the Vietnamese communities in the United States with the pioneer role in freight forwarding businesses from the U.S. to Vietnam delivering to door of the recipient while customs fees paid by the sender. Vietlink Global has been established and had a decade to serve veriety of customers from all over the United States, Vietnam and apparently the whole world. In Vietnam, Vietlink Global has existed for that long to provide air and ocean shipping needs from Vietnam to the United States and other countries.

Our Mission

In the scope of globalization of commerce, Vietlink Global was established to serve the steadily increased needs in logistics industry between the United States and Vietnam as long as the remaining part in the world. We always put our customers' satisfaction on top; and thus, our accomplishment everyday must include stabilization of core values and improvement of technology to meet higher demand and expectations from the customers over the time.

Our Vision

Cargo transportation needs has increased rapidly in the recent years as Vietnam has gradually penetrated the global economics. Come along, We have always set our objectives to affirm Vietlink Global's established position for several years. Not only to assure the leading position in the United States, we also expect that Vietlink Global to be the brilliant brand in Vietnam logistics arena in the coming years as we have lately obtained postal and customs service licenses and finished construction of our customs clearance warehouse in Vietnam in addition to our newly improved technology for freight forwarding management.

Our Strategy

In the digital age and globalization of commerce, strategy and technology are the two most important elements to success. Profoundly understanding such scenario, we have put our focus on these two aspects. Specifically, services have been diversified at Vietlink Global during the last several years to meet the different needs among customers. In addition, we have determined, improved our core values to maintain our competitive advantages. That's all about our long-term strategy. On the other hand, we have spent almost seven years to accomplish our electronic solution to support management of shipping services and to improve productivity over the time.